TWIDD - April 24, 2018


Well it took 5 weeks for it to potentially be nice Golf weather.
1757 has asked me to leave the Scorecards with the starter at the starter station and not inside each week. The starter station is a wood podium. If they are not on top because it’s raining, lift up the top of the station and they should be inside.

Shhhhh….. I looks like good Golf weather tomorrow!

Westpark GC Closed - Aug 29, 2017

The golf course is closed today due to excessive rain.There will be no league play today.

Why am I posting feet?

Words from Corkrey

Hello Duffers,Despite the amazing incredible low humidity and gorgeous weather this weekend, SUMMER is here.  Just a short string of 90+ days will start to dry out the fairways and make longer drives more of common occurrence.  So, I wanted to find an article that describes how to take full advantage of lower ball paths and really get that ball cruising down the fairways.  I'm not sure many of us are true long ball hitters, but hitting it straight and getting that rabbit to run down the fairways sure is satisfying.

Talk about precision!

Feel the Rainbow2

Feel the Rainbow


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