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Feel the Rainbow

Tips for Hiting out of Heavy Rough

Tips for Hiting out of Heavy RoughHello Duffers - as you might expect the smart answer is don't hit there. However, with the Spring bringing rain and the grass taking off this time of year, we will all eventually find ourselves hitting out of the Westpark thick stuff. What is the best strategy? Here are a few articles to help out.


TWIDD 2017-05-02

This week the scorecards will say Week 6 as it's the 6th week we've played including the tournament. I had been revising the cards manually to the actual number of "League play matches". I'm not doing that anymore because it's  too much and confusing. For example...last week's  cards were supposed to be "Week 5" but I put "Week 4" because it was the 4th match of the season. So we are skipping Week 5 but not really ..this week will be Week 6 and will be in order from here on out. Confused? Don't worry about it and just play golf...

The Joys of a Provisional Ball

Golfsmith kindly provides these explanations for lost balls, balls out of bounds, and balls lost in a hazard. (Also known as Bryan Cunningham's first three swings last week):


Congratulations this week go out to Ben Rose for Low Gross (43) & Lenny Boers for Low Net of (34).Lenny Boers had 7 Bogies and Ben Rose, Jim Corkrey and Tom Steinhice had 3 Pars.The website has been updated with Roster with updated handicaps, current Team standings, updated schedule, and stats that include low gross and low net winners, Week 5 scorecards, and individual player stats up to week 4.Note: This week there was one match not scored because there was a sub that hadn't established his Handicap. That will be done after he plays his 2nd round of 9 this week.

Unsure of Rule - Declare Two Balls and Play Both

Sometimes a situation arises where the group just cannot agree on how a ball should be played. Is a free drop allowed? Can a Dion Branch be moved? Should a player get Relief Goosen from an obstacle or not? It happens at every level of golf.


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